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Caddie Services

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Caddie Services are unavailable at this time due to high demand for golf carts.
18 holes for $45 (plus tip)

48-hour advance notice required

To abide by Wisconsin's current safety measures,
GN's three courses will be single rider golf carts through May 28. During this time, caddie service is available as follows:

18 holes (1 bag) for $45 

plus recommended tip of $40

  • Caddie service must be reserved 48 hours' prior to your tee time by calling 262.245.7000.

  • Bag fees will be paid at the same time as greens fees, and caddie tips may be charged at that time as well or paid out directly to the caddie.

  • Caddies will follow heightened health guidelines to ensure the safety of GN's members, guests and associates, as follows:

    • Caddies will wash hands with soap and water prior and after a scheduled loop and upon arriving and departing property.

    • Caddies will wear gloves and protective masks while working.

    • Caddies will not touch flagsticks, rakes or any golf clubs.

    • Caddies will sanitize all golf bags before and after an assigned loop.

    • Caddies will social distance themselves from players and other caddies at all times.

call 262.245.7000 to reserve a caddie



or call us today at


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