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Spring Menu Blooms with Fresh Flavor

From lush fairways to spring shoots, Geneva National Resort celebrates the greening of spring. At our Hunt Club Steakhouse, the seasonal switch signals a menu change to dishes lighter and brighter, but equally as delectable and divine.

If it’s green, you’ll see it on a plate,” says Hunt Club Chef Ryne Harwick, who is committed to sourcing in-season ingredients locally whenever possible. “Peas, white asparagus and spring shoots of all sorts are up right now and being harvested. We are using fiddle heads and ramps [wild leeks] next week, as they flourish in our woods.”

Whatever Harwick and his team cannot forage or grow on property they seek to procure from area farmers. “We have some of the nation’s best land, dairy and meat farms in Wisconsin,” says Harwick, who personally visits every food source – with the exception of California lettuce and berry fields – to inspect firsthand what will be permitted into the Hunt Club kitchen.

"I try to stay as active as possible with our producers, and as a result, we have a great relationship with all of our suppliers, from Delavan’s Pinn-Oak Ridge Farm where I hand select each lamb to Buckhead Beef, who allows me to come make our own cuts specific for the restaurant.”

In keeping with the farm-to-table concept, Harwick says all Hunt Club beef is free range but fed some grain to enhance flavor and marbling. “We see a great product because of the way the cattle are raised and handled,” he notes. “Likewise, our chickens are pastured and heartier. They do not have an artificially thick breast and yield a much better flavor.”

The Hunt Club philosophy is simple. Start with a good product – ingredients that are responsibly gathered and as sourced as close to home as possible. “It’s very satisfying to know that we are having a positive impact on our community economically as well as from a health standpoint -- presenting fresh, nourishing, clean food from producers with integrity.”

This green movement is infused into two new salad offerings, a House Wedge and the Spring Fling -- the latter a plated wreath of asparagus, fennel, cucumber, roasted shallots, candied hazelnuts, bacon and crispy egg showered in a citrus vinaigrette. A vegetarian Sweet Pea Risotto marks its menu debut, while appetizers, sides and the ever popular New Zealand Salmon remain, albeit with fresh flavors built in with new spring dressings and garnishes.

Naturally, steaks are on the table year-round. If you are just venturing onto the Butcher’s Block portion of the menu, Harwick suggests starting with the eight-ounce filet. For committed steak fans, he recommends the Dry-Aged Kansas City for its great flavor and depth, having been wet aged as well.

“While we’ve simplified the menu for spring, it still can be quite daunting to choose,” notes Harwick. “Our servers are very knowledgeable and will guide you through the refreshed menu.” Indeed, there is an adventure to be savored at the Hunt Club this spring.

To peruse the current menu, click here. To reserve a table at the Hunt Club's charming farmhouse, call 262.245.7037 or book online with Open Table.


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