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Still Dancing After All These Years

Some couples renew their vows. Others, like Teresa and David O’Brien, step it up with a waltz.

“I wanted to do something special for Teresa for our anniversary and know she’s a hopeless romantic,” David said. Tapping his creative side, the horse farmer from East Troy came up with the charming idea to return to Geneva National Resort & Club, where he and his wife had their wedding reception 25 years ago.

“I contacted Geneva National, and asked if there was any way we could come out the next day and recreate our first dance in the Grand Ballroom.”

Upon receiving David’s email, Geneva National wedding coordinator Michele Grasser (not surprisingly, a kindred romantic), was tickled to oblige. “We had our team set up a small dance floor, surround it with flickering candles, and set out the champagne and truffles,” Grasser said.“

When we drove up to the Clubhouse, it was completely dark except for a front door that was perched open,” Teresa said. “It wasn’t until I walked into the foyer and saw the candles, card and champagne bottle that I knew this wasn’t just any anniversary dinner.”

David led Teresa to the dance floor, where Michele cued up their signature song, Bryan Adams’ Everything I Do, I Do it for You. “I started crying,” said Teresa, whose mind reeled back to a sunny, fairytale October day when a horse and carriage drove the couple up Geneva National Avenue to the Clubhouse.

“Dave wanted a really big wedding with all the family and the fluff,” Teresa said.“ She wanted to take the money and run,” David responded. “My Mom would have hunted us down if we’d eloped!”

According to the couple, they chose the then newly built Geneva National Clubhouse for their reception because of the venue’s classic elegance. “It was beautiful from the beginning and it still is,” said Teresa as she peered around the ballroom wistfully.

“When we first got married, we were all googly-eyed,” she recalls. “You can’t truly understand love, though, until you have done life together and come out together on the other side of the challenges,” Dave responded. And with that, he grabbed his beloved dance partner and took her for another spin.


Managed by Paloma Resort Properties, Geneva National Resort & Club is located along the wooded slopes and shores of Lake Como in Chicago's version of the Hamptons - Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Geneva National features a legendary trifecta of semi-private golf courses designed by Palmer, Player and Trevino at one singular and stellar location. Explore the possibilities at

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