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Environmentally Friendly Resort

Travel Green Wisconsin Certification

Geneva National is proud to be one of only three golf courses in the state and the only one in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to be awarded the Travel Green Wisconsin Certification for our environmental efforts to save energy, water and other resources while reducing our carbon footprint. In addition, we are part of the National Audubon Society’s Golf Course Maintenance Program to conserve, protect and restore natural ecosystems.


Our recent green efforts include upgrading to regenerative electric golf carts and energy efficient lighting, recycling rainwater as well as office and kitchen products, and sourcing organic and locally grown foods whenever possible. Moreover, we continually monitor soil samples to avoid unnecessary fertilization as well as runoff to nearby lakes and streams.


When you choose a Travel Green Wisconsin certified business, you:

  • Further the State’s Green Movement & Education

  • Protect the Environment for Today and Future Generations

  • Sustain the Local Economy, its Farmers, Businesses and Artists

  • Support Businesses Vetted and Reviewed by a Third-Party Environmental Expert

  • Reward and Incentivize Businesses to Continually Improve Their Green Practices


To align our environmental planning with National Audubon Society goals, our landscaping protects, sustains and improves native habitats, water bodies and their wildlife. From diminishing irrigation needs and chemical use on the course to protecting natural run-off areas, we at Geneva National are committed to environmental conservation.


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