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Lake Geneva Golf Club Fitting

Make YOUR Equipment Work for YOUR Swing

Our Master Club Fitter Ryan Southworth is dedicated to not only making sure you have the correct instruction to play your best, but also the best equipment tailored for your game. Every player is different – size, strength, club takeaway, swing plane, rotation, flexibility… let us pair your unique swing with its optimal equipment.



A Club analysis offers Ryan Southworth the opportunity to see what equipment you currently play. Once we’ve gone through your bag we can determine which of your clubs are strengths and which of them are weakness’s. From there I can develop a game plan on what the best course of action would be to help you turn the weakness’s into strengths. We may decide that simply adjusting your current equipment is best. Or we may decide that fitting you into a new club is the best course of action. This option is also good for determining how far you hit your current clubs and figuring out if the gaping between clubs is correct.


Club Adjustments


  • Length adjustment - $10 per club

  • Loft/lie Iron adjustment - $8 per club

  • Loft/lie putter adjustment - $20 per club

  • Swing-weight adjustment - $6 per club 

  • Save grip - $6 per club 

  • Save Adaptor - $20 per club

  • Head pull and Re-shaft - $35 per club

  • Back-weighting - varies depending on back-weight size

  • Re-gripping - varies depending on grip type

  • Re-shafting - varies depending on shaft type

New Club Fittings


This service starts out by having you hit your current equipment to establish a baseline. From there we dive into all the different options we have available to find a configuration that produces better results then your current clubs do. If you don’t have clubs currently and are looking to buy your first set we just skip the first part and dive right into finding the clubs that produce the best results. Fittings can range from one specific club to an entire bag fitting

  • 2 hour Full Bag Fitting - $300

  • 1 hour Driver / Woods fitting - $125 

  • 90 minute Iron fitting - $150

  • 1 hour Wedge fitting - $125

  • 1 hour Putter fitting - $125

For more information on Club Fitting at Geneva National,

please call 262.245.7000 or fill out the form below:


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