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Downtown Shopping

Lake Geneva Resort Activities - Downtown Shopping

Spend it All in One Place: Lake Geneva.

If you love to shop on vacation, you’ve come to the right place. A bevy of one-of-a-kind boutiques line Lake Geneva’s charming resort downtown while the outskirts offer antiquing and other worth-the-hunt artsy outlets. A mix of designer clothing & shoe shops (BloomingByrds, ShoShoo, E Street Denim Co., JAYNE, Haberdapper, Nine West), independent LG originals (Cornerstone Shoppe & Gallery, LG Spice Co., Edie Boutique, Strawberry Fields, Flemings Ltd., La Vie Geneve, Line Honors) and home & design stores (Brick & Mortar, Absolutely Home, @Home, The Design Coach) plus plenty of coffee shops and eateries (Starbucks, Simple, Oakfire, Kilwin’s) for between-purchase sustenance or spa stops (Clear Waters, Jasmine) for post-shopping pedicures. Just off the main strip on Broad Street, Horticultural Hall is home to a sweet farmers' market every Thursday morning — so you can stock up on locally handcrafted soaps, jams, cheeses and honeys.


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Downtown Shopping Features

Designer & Independent Boutiques

Outdoor/Adventure Stores

Home & Design Shops

Coffee, Ice Cream & Eateries

Public Library, Park and Beach



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