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Geneva Lake Shore Path

Lake Geneva Resort Activities - Geneva Lake Shorepath

Explore the Geneva Lake Shoreline for 21 Miles

The three-foot-wide public path winds around the entire lakeshore for 21 miles, allowing unprecendented views of the area’s famed historic buildings, palatial estates, gorgeous gardens and charming cottages. Each property maintains its portion of this public-access path, so the terrain varies from stepping stones and dirt paths to wooden stairs and rustic bridges. Some of the most spectacular homes can be seen along a three-and-a-half mile segment starting from the Lake Geneva public beach and moving counter-clockwise around the lake to Chapin Road. Akin to Hollywood’s maps of the stars’ homes, Geneva Lake has two shore path guides, The Geneva Lake Shore Path Guide and Walk, Talk & Gawk, which may be purchased at area hotels.  Else, download VISIT Lake Geneva's convenient and complimentary Lake Shore Path app for an online tour.

Note: Bicycles and strollers are not allowed on the path, and dogs must be leashed at all times.)



Geneva Lake Shorepath Features

Public Walking & Hiking Path

Close-up Views of Private Lakeshore Properties







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