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The Junior Golf Tournament series is an excellent initiative that aims to introduce and engage more juniors in the game of golf. This series is designed to expand their knowledge of golf rules and etiquette and provide them with the necessary experience in a tournament atmosphere.The four-tournament series will feature 9-hole matches in June, July, and August with age-appropriate tees based upon the US Kids Golf Family program recommendation ranging from 6-year-olds to 18-year-olds. Juniors are encouraged to play in all events but can choose to play in only one or two.

Age Divisions  |  Tee Distances

Girls 9 & Under  |  50-250 yards
Girls 10-13  |  100-350 yards
Girls 14-18  |  Green Tees


Boys 9 & Under  |  100-350 yards
Boys 10-13  |  100-350 yards
Boys 14-18  |  Gray Tees


  • Monday, June 24 | 9am Tee Time Start​

  • Monday, July 15 | 9am Tee Time Start

  • Monday, July 22 | 8am Tee Time Start

  • Tuesday, August 6 | 10am Shotgun Start

Sign-up deadline is 7 days prior to tournament


To participate in more than one tournament, you must pay for each individually. 

Jr. Tournament Series

  • If you are a GN Member please sign-up directly with the Golf Shop to receive your GN Member pricing of $35.  You can contact Drew at

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