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Swinging Beyond the Limitations

With three championship courses near Chicago, Geneva National’s legendary fairways see a lot of talent -- but this month’s visit from 28-year-old Vince Biser likely topped them all.

Swinging with just his left hand, Biser is a five-time North American One-Arm Golf Association Champion with cerebral palsy and an inspiration to anyone facing a challenge.

Having just returned from Oregon from the National Amputee Golf Championship where he claimed runner-up in the one-armed division, Biser and his father, Andy, swung out to Geneva National to visit friend and GN Member Wayne Sills and hit the signature Gary Player course. Next up on Biser’s roster will be Palm Springs in September for the Fightmaster Cup, in which Vince has represented the USA four times.

When we asked Vince how his life teed off in this direction, he pointed to the people who took the time to see beyond his seemingly physical limitations. “As a kid in Baltimore, I went to the Bennett Institute which said I could do something – as opposed to some who said I would never have a normal life,” says Biser. “I was taught how to play sports like track and field and swimming – and I participated in the junior nationals throughout the U.S. for several years.”

Another pivotal event happened when he was just four or five. His Grandpa took him to the driving range. There, Biser picked up a love of the game. “I took lessons for a little while in high school,” recalls Biser. “When they were over, the pro said, ‘You’re good. I’m not going to touch you.’”

Being a pro himself is on Vince’s bucket list, and he is well on his way there, having just passed the PGA playing ability test. In the meantime, he works with First Tee youth golf in his home of Sarasota, Florida while continuing to compete throughout the world, including South Africa, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

At this escalating point in his career, Vince is looking for a sponsor, as going on the road can be costly. (Click here to visit his fundraising page.) Moreover, if disabled golfers become part of the 2020 Toyko Paralympics as hoped, a sponsorship could bode well for a company already backing this talented young man.

A great inspiration for many and himself a pro athlete to emulate, Biser says his golf hero is Phil Mickelson, because “he’s a lefty like me.” His life’s hero, though, is his dad, who also serves as his caddy and all-around champion. Biser’s personal outlook also serves him well.

“I’ve never known what it’s like to have two perfectly working arms,” he says, “so I don’t consider it a disability.”

From all your new fans in Wisconsin, we wish you well, Vince!


Geneva National Resort is located along the wooded slopes and shores of Lake Como in Chicago's version of the Hamptons - Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Geneva National features a legendary trifecta of semi-private golf courses designed by Palmer, Player and Trevino at one singular and stellar location. Explore the possibilities at

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