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Swing First, Ask Questions Later

We teed up some questions for GN’s Member Head Golf Professional and PGA member Bryan Brotchie. Check out his follow-through.

Q: Why put forth the effort to learn to golf?

A: Golf is a lifetime activity that connects you to the outdoors in such incredible natural settings. It’s better than other competitive sports in that you can play, have fun and even compete with those of varying levels of ability.

Q: Any notable trends in golf these days?

A: Definitely distance. Many golfers are trying to hit the ball as far as possible, mirroring the trend started by PGA Tour players. There is a decreased emphasis on accuracy off the tee, with the theory that the closer you are to the green, regardless of lie, the better chance a player has to score well.

Q: Favorite club in your bag?

A: By far, my favorite is my TaylorMade M1 Driver. The ability to adjust the weighting and loft specifically to my swing has allowed me to dial in my perfect ball flight. I’ve often joked that I’ll have to be buried with it.

Q: Share a few of your favorite golf tips?

A: The most important aspect to a successful swing is being setup correctly – making sure that your stance, grip, alignment, ball position, and mental focus are all in correct order. Doing so gives you your best chance at hitting a good shot, no matter what your swing may look like. I highly recommend the use of alignment sticks and mirrors or video while practicing to ensure that you are actually doing what you feel like you are doing

Q: How do you maintain your golf game during the off-season?

A: We set up a hitting net in the Resort Pro Shop. Hitting just a couple dozen balls a day helps keep the game in decent form.

Q: What is your favorite Geneva National course?

A: The risk/reward aspects throughout the entire Player Course make it my favorite. Hole 10, in particular, sets up for an incredibly fun opportunity to make birdies and eagles while also bringing bogies or worse into play if shots are misplayed.

Q: Recommendations for someone playing GN for the first time?

A: Make sure that you take a couple of days and try to play each of the three courses. The professionals here differ on their favorite course – and for widely different reasons – so you need to experience each one for yourself.

Q: Most influential pro for you and why?

A: Growing up I loved watching Greg Norman play. His swashbuckling style and aggressiveness along with the historic drama that accompanied many of his wins and defeats made for great theatre.

Q: Most rewarding aspect of your job?

A: I truly love managing golf tournaments even more that I enjoy playing in them. Being able to provide positive lasting memories for each member is something you cannot put a price on. The Members and guests I have come to know are some of the kindest and most giving that I have ever met. I feel very blessed to have spent the last nine years here and hope to be here for many more.


Geneva National Resort is located along the wooded slopes and shores of Lake Como in Chicago's version of the Hamptons - Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Geneva National features a legendary trifecta of semi-private golf courses designed by Palmer, Player and Trevino at one singular and stellar location. Explore the possibilities at

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