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When the Company Outing Rests on Your Game

The company golf outing. It’s all fun and games until someone asks you to plan the highly anticipated event. If you’re in the hot seat for this year’s tourney, take a few tips from Geneva National Resort’s Group Golf Team, experts in the outing field. You’ll fast be on your way to swinging a stellar day!

  • Time is of the essence. If you want your first choice of dates and the best rates, plan early – particularly if you need to book lodging as well.

  • If cost is an issue, look to host your outing during the week, Monday through Thursday. Good news: group golf rates should be less than daily rack rates.

  • Make sure you are comparing courses of the same quality, and not championship designs alongside country courses, as pricing is typically all over the board for courses in the same area.

  • Good golf club staff will do the pairing for you, but make sure to verify. Additionally, few courses provide live scoring, but make sure to ask. (Geneva National’s giant scoreboards on the “19th hole” are always a big hit with outings.)

  • To maintain an enjoyable pace of play, large groups with 70 or more players should opt for a scramble format, where each four-person team plays one “best ball” to rack up one score.

  • Large groups also should start each foursome on a separate hole – a shotgun format – so that all players finish at the same time for post-play activities. Note: one course will max out at 144 players. If you’re group is near this size, you need a resort with more than one course.

  • Poll your players to see who is a beginner golfer to avoid putting novices in the uncomfortable position of holding up more advanced players. If possible, offer an optional clinic paired with nine holes of golf to give rookies a foundation for fun.

  • Remember, knowing your budget and list of golfers is just the beginning. Consider the over-arching goals of the outing so that you can guide the event to meet these objectives.

  • Don’t forget to arrange all meals, transportation and lodging as needed, and go the extra mile so ensure these details are equally enjoyable.

Feeling a tad overwhelmed? You can always trust the team at Geneva National to cover the course for you. Just CLICK HERE to take the pressure off and tee up a good time for everyone – including you.



Geneva National Resort is located along the wooded slopes and shores of Lake Como in the Newport of the Midwest - Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Geneva National features a legendary trifecta of semi-private golf courses designed by Palmer, Player and Trevino paired with on-course lodging and award-winning dining at one singular and stellar location. Explore the possibilities at

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