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"You Choose Two" Wedding Incentive

You’re engaged and can’t wait to be married, so why delay? With Geneva National Resort and The Ridge Hotel’s in-house wedding coordinators, you have all the assistance you need to design a glorious destination wedding day in Lake Geneva, WI in just a few months – or weeks! Even better, when you set the 2017 date for your celebration, you’ll receive two add-ons as our special way of saying congratulations!

“It’s not unusual at all these days to have a short engagement,” notes Michele Grasser, Events Manager at Geneva National Resort. “We’ve booked successful, beautiful weddings two, three and four months out – and The Ridge Hotel even threw together a wedding in 72 hours last August when a couple’s venue fell through.”

While three days out isn’t optimal, Grasser says brief betrothals have several advantages, including the absence of what she coins wedding whiplash. “Couples who take a year or more to plan their wedding often see trends in décor and theme change, and then want to switch up their designs,” explains Grasser. “But when you’re planning within a shorter time frame, the trends don’t change that quickly and you stay true to your original ideas.”

From her experience, Geneva National Events Manager Pam Linker says couples with expedited weddings tend to gloss over the details and focus simply on hosting a memorable experience for themselves and their guests. "Tiny details like napkin folds don’t distract these couples,” she muses.

Even better, couples who book last-minute dates often find venues more flexible with pricing, a surprising side benefit that can fund upgrades to premium entrées and top bar packages, which guests really notice, according to Linker.

For their part, Geneva National Resort and The Ridge Hotel start by offering couples booking 2017 weddings their choice of two exclusive add-ons, a savings of up to $2,000. From the menus below, couples simply “choose two” complimentary extras for their extraordinary event.

Geneva National Resort

Complimentary Ceremony Rental Fee

Complimentary Champagne Toast

Complimentary Foursome of Golf at Geneva National

Complimentary upgrade to continuous pour of wine for the head table and two parent tables

Complimentary signature drink during cocktail hour*

Complimentary anniversary stay with a couple’s massage

*Limited Options Available

The Ridge Hotel

Complimentary Ceremony Rental Fee

Complimentary Champagne Toast

Complimentary anniversary stay with a couple’s massage

Complimentary Color Cotton Napkin upgrade

Upgrade to Platinum Package at Gold Package price

Complimentary Foursome of Golf at Geneva National Resort

To learn more about scheduling a 2017 wedding at Geneva National or The Ridge Hotel, call 262.249.3849, email, or complete the wedding request form at There’s no better time to vow than now!


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