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Warning: Hyped-up Hazards Ahead

In a strange twist of strategy (or rather, curiosity), golfers might be aiming for the sand on Geneva National's Trevino Course this summer.

This spring, the greenside bunkers of this playable par-72 layout are being transformed to Better Billy Bunkers, each filled with triangular Fredonia sand that holds to the bunker face contour. (Think kinetic Moon Sand.) The temptation to play in the sandbox may be too hard to resist for some swingers.

"Golfers should notice better playability characteristics immediately," says Vice President of Operations Kevin Paluch. "In other words, we won't be frying any eggs in these sand traps."

The decision to make the investment in Better Billy Bunkers came as a result of torrential rains that hit the Midwest last summer. "The need for enhanced drainage quickly became apparent," says Paluch. "The Better Billy Bunker method layers a geo-textile liner and pea gravel over a tile system, enabling water to quickly transfer down without eroding bunker sand or contaminating it with the surrounding soil."

Golf course architect Bob Lohmann, owner of Lohmann Golf Designs, Inc., will complete the 55 greenside bunkers on the Lee Trevino Course by mid-May 2018 and start Geneva National's 24 Palmer greenside bunkers in October. According to Paluch, the Player Course sand trap conversion is slated for 2019.

For now, consider making a play date this year with the Trevino track. And if you happen to hit the sand, let's just say we won't judge.


About Geneva National Resort & Club

Geneva National Resort & Club is located along the wooded slopes and shores of Lake Como in the Newport of the Midwest - Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Geneva National features a legendary trifecta of semi-private golf courses designed by Palmer, Player and Trevino paired with on-course lodging and award-winning dining at one singular and stellar location. Explore the possibilities at



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